T3 Garrett / Holset Turbo Blanket

T3 Garrett / Holset Turbo Blanket

Turbo blankets are designed to keep radiant heat in that is produced from your turbocharger. Our turbo blankets are designed to be heated and cooled substantially, and hold up in the harshest heat cycles. They are designed to keep the heat in the turbocharger which has two effects; the first being increased turbo spool/ decreased lag, and the second is to cool down the temperatures in your engine bay which will inturn increase performance. The turbo blanket has been designed to fit very comfortably over the hot side of the turbo, and will fasten for a secure fit using the anchor hook and spring fasteners.


anchor hook for maximum security

ultimate thermal barrier reduces turbo lag

custom carbon fiber look

comes with 2 springs fasteners

Outer circumference: 19”

Inner width: approx 2-1/2”

working temperature is 1200°/2100 degree F



Professional installation is recommended



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