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My story and background.

Hi everyone

My name is Darren Huxley and I was brought up within a car crazy family, many moons ago my parent's both raced Jalopy (grass track) racing, my Mum raced a Mini and Dad a 100E van, following a multiple end on end crash in the Mini my Mum decided enough is enough, my dad continued for a while following that, then we all came along.

In the Huxley family there is 4 siblings, eldest Ruth (not car mad) next Lee, myself and youngest Marc.

So when i was around 5 my Dad Brian decided he would embark on a new Motorsport - Drag Racing, being a American and Japanese car specialist mechanic he of course bought a 70s Mustang (in pepermint green!) He ran this car for a number of years and formed a club called the West Country Roadsters, the Mustang ran 16 seconds, then 15s and tipped into the 14s, then his need for speed desire grew

For his next phase of speed he would build a Toyota Corolla (see pic) and dump a Mustang 289ci V8 in it in an attempt to go faster, at this stage i was around 11, it worked, he was hugely successful in that car, winning nearly all the time, that car whent from 13 seconds right down to 11s, then the passion spiralled and around 4 years later he bought a Mitsubishi Colt from Florida(see pic), dumped a big block Ford V8 in it and ran that from 11 seconds right down to the mid 9s.

Anyhow thats that family story, (tbc) as a late teenager with a Dad who owned a garage it would be inevitable the boys would like cars, myself i was onto VWs, my older brother 100E with a pinto and my younger brother Mk1 escorts. (See pic)


Dad in his Corolla at Long Marston

Marc in his his last Escort at Long Marston

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