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My (our) story continued....

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

So with myself going to all Bug Jams, Run to the sun etc in my 1967 LHD Splitty, my older brother and father Drag Racing a 1932 Ford Roadster (pictured) then Briefly Sierra and onto the current car, a 1967 Ford fastback Mustang (pictured) running low 9 second quarter mile times, my younger brother owning all sorts from Vauxhall van to Escort Mexico, Volvo 240 estate and many more, onto the world famous Celica drift car.

And me still into VWs then selling to party hard, is was therefore inevitable I would at some stage be back into cars, so it was in 2015 I showed interest in this bizarre sport called Drifting that my younger brother was into, wow I was blown away and instantly wanted to learn.

I first experienced it in my brothers 325i BMW, we where lucky enough to know Matt Denham and the Drift Elite school guys, they ran weekly skids at Throckmoroton Airstrip (10 mile away), well my brother taught me the basics and i was hooked, bought a 328i (pictured)and i was off!


My first fast driftcar (328i E36)

My youngest brother Marc in his Corrola in the BDC

My Father and older brother in the 1967 Mustang

The Top Banana 1932 Roadster

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